Sunday, January 30, 2011

Duplex Paper Flower card


  1. hi......hello vanadana,
    myself from nasik. just liked your flower art very much but can u tell me the proper name of this paper being used its mentioned as duplex paper we here dont get such type of duplex paper please guide me ...& kindly tell the name of the paper..

  2. Hi Sruchi, thanks for lovely comments...the paper used in this craft is known duplex paper, I do not know where u can find this paper in Nasik, however u can get in touch with
    Mahavir Traders in Mumbai, u need to tell them the color and they courier it for u.
    check their site
    for more details.

  3. hi vandana myself vidhi from delhi,
    just loved the way you have rolled and curled the paper. being an art teacher, i salute you dear n will be highly grateful if you can upload a video on youtube.i have worked with duplex paper a lot but this work is commendable.
    keep it up

  4. Hi Vandana'
    What beautiful work!!!!!Fantastic.
    I am Mohini Adke from Nashik , very interested in all type of craft.

  5. hi Vandana i liked your flower very much i have made many flowers from duplex paper is your flower called origata flowers can u please tell what is used in duplex paper to give texture like your flower hope u will share the method.

  6. Hi Vandana. Your origata flowers are very pretty. can you guide me on how you achieved the two tone effect and the method you followed.